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Missing you 2 [ 05/22/10 @ 2:22am ]

Can't sleep. It's raining up a storm. Missing the familiar warmth of your body and the spot on your shoulder where I like to rest my head on.

My eyelids are getting heavy. I shld go. Loving n missing u sooo much!

4 more sleeps.... <3 tiger oil

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Missing you [ 05/21/10 @ 2:36am ]

Missing you.

Wondering if somehow you'd just come clean. Don't want you putting up a front. Bacause you can be sure that I'll never run.

Missing you.

Wondering if you know just how much.

Tiger oil.

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Him [ 02/24/10 @ 1:17am ]
[ mood | thankful ]

Made coffee and was all poised to start working on cleaning up this whole bunch of data only to realise that I forgot to unplug my thumb drive before I left. So silly. The man is deep in slumber and has been so since 7.45pm. Teaching tires him, he says.

So what do I do?

I pour though pictures of him and read poems and thoughts he used to pen down before we got together. I miss him. And it's only been 24hours. It won't be till Saturday that I'll see him again.

2 weeks from now. We would have been together for 5 months. Time flies. And I'm still learning. Learning to be a better partner, learning to be more giving and understanding. Learning to love with agape love. Never knew that when it comes to him, the littlest things that never bothered me bother me now. I am such an ugly person. And I’m thankful that he’s still here. Never quite know how to fully appreciate God’s creation till now. I am in awe of God’s handiwork although I must add that I am in awe of many other things that God has created but when it comes to this man, God must have really taken His time when He was thinking of this one – “fearfully and wonderfully made”.

He is special.

I’ve been asleep for a while now
You tucked me in just like a child now
'Cause every time you hold me in your arms
I'm comfortable enough to feel your warmth

It starts in my soul
And I lose all control
When you kiss my nose
The feelin' shows
'Cause you make me smile
Baby just take your time now
Holdin' me tight - Colbie Caillat

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Xin Nian Kuai Le [ 02/14/10 @ 3:14am ]
[ mood | awake ]

Yeah! Just that and that I think that YOU ARE A HOTTIE! 

YES YOU! Tiger oil! Lava Omelette. ;) 

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Blessed! [ 10/02/09 @ 10:05pm ]
Had a crazy day of typing furiously on the keyboard to reply emails for the event next week. Stayed back an hour and a half longer and was really zonked out and just annoyed. But God is gracious! He totally made my evening.

- Got a text from a dear friend asking me to pray for her because she felt like "something" was telling her to.

- Left the office at 7ish and a cab pulled up just as I reached the guardhouse (answered prayer man). Entered the cab and realised that cabby was tuned in to 102.3fm (some christian fm channel in Indonesia) and asked him which church he's attending and the likes and we just started talking from there. His story was one of money earned and money lost due to a lack of wisdom and infidelity. *sigh* He's in the midst of working out some project worth S$3billion and he said that he told God that if he strikes it big this time, he'll keep 10% and give the rest to Him. I hope he does. Anyways, he gave me a discount when we reached my place. He didn't want me to pay the surcharge and and and and took just one $5 note when I gave him two of those. He said that he wanted to bless me and that he believes that the moment he drives out, there'll be someone there waiting already (there was no one by the road when he was driving in, fyi). But that ain't it, as I got out, he turned around, stretched out his hand and blessed me. Wow!

Was incredibly touched. Had to have a moment as I felt that incredible joy.

I'll say it again, "LORD, YOU ARE GOOD!"


Today is Rae's birthday. How time flies. She's 10 already. *sigh* They grow up so fast.

Tomorrow, my mom is going to be baptised. I'm rejoicing. Again, Thank YOU D.GOd.
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Colour twenty10 [ 09/30/09 @ 7:39am ]

Now we just need to get plane tickets and lodging settled.

Drea, I CAN'T WAIT! :) You and me together for 10 days! Ahhhhhhh ... looking forward to touching down in Auckland.

We need to start counting down.
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Drea, Nance & Kirs [ 09/28/09 @ 1:20am ]
lightofheartgot a concert call from my darlings @DeeNiseG and @DeeeNah love you guys. Nick sounds hot! Whoot!


I don't remember even being this excited abt the BSBs at their last concert where Drea gave me a HUGE bruise on my shoulder after thumping me real hard!

Ahhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh hhhhhh .... MEMORIES! I can't remember lyrics to the songs I sing in church yet I can sing ALMOST EVERY SINGLE OLD BSB song WORD FOR WORD! And it's been like 10 years? I feel so pathetic now. Hahah.

You girls shoulda seen them .... Nick is looking HOT! He has lost a ton of weight and almost looks like his 18yr old self. Alex has gone a little pudgy but is still rocking it although me thinks that he should lose the eyeliner and start using Rogain. HoDo looks surprisingy good and that's it. NOW, BRIAN IS A DILF. Hahahaha. I'm so vulgar. BUT REALLY LAH! Mega swoon can? The one man who made me think that guys weren't that bad afterall ... he still has it - square jaws and nice arms and all. Cannot tahan, cannot tahan. Stoked that he sang 'Welcome Home' from his christian cd. Brian's really funny and you girls shoulda seen them on stage... they're still good and they've still got the vocal chops although I must say that AJ's sorta gone a bit off cos of all the drugs, cigs and alcohol. They still danced although I'd rather they not for some songs cos it's just weird cos they ain't young anymore. *GASPS* I'm not young anymore. It's been 13 years!

This is the highlight of my night. Not the race. I actually felt bored during the race. I'm so glad we went to the Padang yang! :)

Well darlings, I'm gonna shower in a bit. Bao, sorry I woke you up from your sleep. Hope you didn't have trouble going back to sleep again. Love you!
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No story sells like one with an engaging headline [ 09/27/09 @ 1:44am ]
Ok. That was super random.

Just came back from the Formula 1 Qualifying Race and am v. disappointed that the Ice Man is number 14. *sigh* Am super tired cos evening was spent waiting around for the BFF who said that she will meet me at 7ish pm but only appeared at 10pm. Dang, I was cranky!!!

Went to the New Creation Church's Mid-Autumn Festival celebration with the grandparents, 3 grandaunts and the warring sisters mom and aunt with the hope that THIS would be IT! But just as the alter call went out, the aunt decided to ask them if they wanted to go to the washroom. I MEAN, SERIOUSLY!?! TOILET? WHAT? Was very VERY upset with the aunt. Sadly, none of them made that decision today. But I will continue to pray and hope and trust that He can and He will.

Also managed to spend some time at Leisurepark's Starbucks. Bliss is Hazelnut Soy Latte and my bible. Pity the iPod was missing and I had to try VERY hard to not be distracted by the conversations going on in the tables beside me. Am well stoked that I managed to FINALLY FIND BAGELS in the Cold Storage there. Mmm mmmm mmm .... bagels with cream cheese and jam is love.

I am also missing a whole bunch of stuff. My house keys, wallet, iPod, bible, camera and a whole buncha other stuff aren't with me cos I left them in a friend's car when I went to the F1 track yesterday. Can't wait to get them back from the churchmate tomorrow . Smart me decided to just grab $40, my EZ-link, credit card and cell to the track so I'm really looking forward to getting all the other stuff back.

All these aside, there really isn't a point my entry. I'm just trying to pass time as the heater heats up before I shower. Hah.

Always wondered how awesome it must be to be able to lead someone to Christ. I'm sure pastors all over get this OVERWHELMING sense of joy whenever they start seeing hands raised or people going towards them to rend their hearts to God.
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And you'll never know.... [ 09/25/09 @ 1:49am ]
Happy Birthday.
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Home [ 09/22/09 @ 5:53am ]
"Satisfy us each morning with your unfailing love, so we may sing for joy to the end of our lives." [Psalm 90:14]

Into Your courts I run with praises
Flowing from my heart
Every day I wake I sing Your song
It's the anthem of my life

I want to spend my days
In Your presence, Lord
Bowed before Your throne
In the house of God
Is where I find my peace
It's where I find my

Home is heaven
One day Lord, I will live
In Your courts, You'll find me
In worship at Your feet
Hide me now
In the shadow of Your wings
Where I will be
Where I will be

Your love is all I need
So desperately I have sought Your face
I know You hear my every cry
And petition that I make

Jesus, oh You are my treasure
Jesus, oh You are my treasure

[Home - Hillsong]
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To be transformed. To be renewed. [ 09/18/09 @ 7:14am ]
Encouragement came in a form of one of Brian Houston's tweet.

"Hang in there. Everything is going to be ok."

God You're funny! It isn't quite what I expect.

Things are starting to make sense. Sermons I've heard, scriptures I've read in the past few months, they all lead to one thing: having an unshakable faith in times trials and testing. I thought T&T was THE trial. I guess You love me too much to let me "rest".

1 Peter 1:7
7 These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.

Ezekiel 11:19
You'll come back and clean house, throw out all the rotten images and obscene idols. I'll give you a new heart. I'll put a new spirit in you.I'll cut out your stone heart and replace it with a red-blooded,firm-muscled heart.
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Sure feels like You're away on Vacation [ 09/16/09 @ 12:13am ]

James 1:3-4 (New Living Translation)

3 For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. 4 So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.

Embrace God's purpose in that situation
Nurture them spiritual roots
Direct my attention to Jesus Christ
Use my experience to help others
Rely on God's power
Expect God to bless me

Hebrews 10:35-37 (New Living Translation)

 35 So do not throw away this confident trust in the Lord. Remember the great reward it brings you! 36Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised.

It's never easy obeying God. It's never easy being a Christian (a partisan of Christ). Sometimes I think that people who accept Christ at their deathbed have it the easiest although we argue that they would have missed out on many of God's blessings and really LIVING LIFE. I wish there's a way out but the grass is only greener on the other side for awhile. There really is no point to that other than it making me feel like a LOSER. Hah. Really. I think I'm too much of a chickenshit to bear the consequences of being disobedient and the possiblity of screwing many people over.

I'm still trying to get over myself. Everyday I try. I'm exhausted. I surrender.
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[ 09/14/09 @ 12:01am ]
Tweets for the Day

  • 01:14 I miss Bondi Beach. #

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Emoticons [ 09/13/09 @ 6:46pm ]
[ mood | sad ]

Won't it be so much easier if emotions could simply be expressed through a :) or a :( ?

This is how I'm feeling today.


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[ 09/12/09 @ 12:02am ]
Tweets for the Day

  • 09:00 Colls stuck 2 print-outs containing snakes on my monitor. :p Eeevil! But thanks 4 e Bday SURPRISE! #
  • 09:09 Received 1st pressie of e day! An aroma therapy oil burner :) Sweeet! #
  • 09:10 Just realised they had nastier pics planned 4 me! Like real pics instead of cartoons. #
  • 09:24 @DeeeNah THANKS YANG! Wishing that we're in Bali right now! Wish I wasn't in SG. #
  • 10:46 It's gonna be POPEYE'S FOR LUNCH! Foood GLORIOUS foood! #
  • 11:20 @lightofheart WHAT? U didn't have POPEYE'S when u were here? It's better THAN KFC! #
  • 14:06 Thanks @KrisOng! :) *hugs* #
  • 14:08 Full from lunch and missing the BFF! Will I see u tomorrow yang? #
  • 14:28 @DeeeNah YAY! I [heart] You! Will be looking out for you. #
  • 15:34 Oh gosh! A cupcake and a recyclable bag! Loves it! Thanks colls! :) #
  • 17:25 Off to meet my "handbag" aka the Mom for our "date". See ya all! #
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[ 09/11/09 @ 12:01am ]
Tweets for the Day

  • 09:02 It's CG THURSDAY! :) #
  • 13:53 Lunched with e boss at e airport 2day.Muahaha.Coll wrote a note for me. #
  • 13:54 Note says "Don't 4get me "Beancurd" b4 end of the day. Ps: I'm in the fridge" How sweet! :) #
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[ 09/10/09 @ 12:01am ]
Tweets for the Day

  • 08:39 Feeling morose! Arrrghhhh! Hate the weather. :( #
  • 13:14 Looking forward to dinner w/ e Mom 2nite! Finally satisfying a 4mth craving! :) #
  • 18:01 Off to FEAST! Mmmmm mmmm mmm! Hallelujah! #
  • 23:37 Had a wonderful evening! Very full now. Don't know when I'll get to bed. :( #
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[ 09/09/09 @ 12:06am ]
Tweets for the Day

  • 06:30 @lightofheart U is a sweetie! I miss them too. *hugs* #
  • 08:54 @lightofheart Hahaha. Sylvia Plath sans sticking head into the oven. I loved e stuff u wrote. #
  • 08:56 @lightofheart Back then I just wanted to sing. Be super rich and help the orphans and abused, bandoned women. Hah. Youth. #
  • 09:00 Ok. I be starting work now. Gonna do all as unto the Lord. Bless e fruits of my labour D.God. #
  • 12:27 @lightofheart WHAT? How could u not? Of course money & fame was e motivation then, then UNIFEM. #
  • 12:30 @lightofheart Lucky 4 u I dun remember all of them.Ha3.I'm sure there were some gems. Remember we used 2 write improvs on IM? #
  • 14:26 Taste-testing mooncakes now. Think I just OD-ed. *gags* #
  • 16:12 Need You to put the "Super" into my "Natural" now. Editing a 15 page award submission now. :( #
  • 21:27 @KrisOng Yes yes! He rejoices with u when u're happy and comforts when u're sad. He's ur ever present help & He LOVES u with a CRAZY love! #
  • 21:30 @lightofheart Yah uh! 2 sweet!Cannot tahan.& they were very tiny slices. Didn't even make up half a mooncake lor. I like e traditional type. #
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[ 09/08/09 @ 12:02am ]
Tweets for the Day

  • 11:38 Greetings! The body-clock has been wrecking havoc on me lately. Woke up at 5.30am today. #
  • 13:48 I'm ALWAYS FRUITFUL and NEVER BUSY! ;) #
  • 15:01 *does happy dance* Early morn prize-giving ceremony tomorrow is cancelled. Thank You Jesus! :) #
  • 18:47 @KrisOng He LOVES u and He HEARS u! Do u knw that He collects ur tears? bit.ly/2OnMfM #
  • 18:48 @KrisOng How precious u are to Him. Fret not, help is on its way! :) #
  • 18:50 @natzzz YES YES! We should! Dinah will be back tomorrow! Let's meet up for coffee soon. :) What have u been up to? #
  • 21:54 'Father, Spirit, Jesus' by the Casting Crowns is on repeat as we speak! #
  • 22:08 @lightofheart You make me wanna read "Catcher in the Rye" again. :p Ahhhhh .... u're infectious. #
  • 22:16 @lightofheart That means I need to buy that book soon. LOL. Maybe a trip to some 2nd hand bookshop soon. #
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Thoughts on a Monday [ 09/07/09 @ 7:39pm ]
1. I'm ALWAYS FRUITFUL and NEVER BUSY. (Need to have a change in perspective.)

2. It would be nice to move to Tiong Bahru some day so that I can share Jesus with the old people living there

3. The next time someone tries to peddle 3 pkts of tissue for a $1 while I'm having lunch, I'll sit them down and share Jesus with them before I part with my $1

4. I should try talking to cabbies about Jesus. Maybe a "How's life?" will start the ball rolling?

"Just love them like Jesus, carry them to Him
His yoke is easy, His burden is light
You don’t need the answers to all of life’s questions
Just know that He loves them and stay by their side
Love them like Jesus

- Casting Crowns"
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